Goodbye, Company, Good Luck!

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Yesterday Company announced the sad news that they would no longer be publishing in print after next month (the October issue). Company was the first mainstream magazine that really embraced blogs and bloggers, and probably encouraged many others into starting their own sites.

Many of us have grown up with Company (it started in 1978 apparently!) but it was only in the last few years that it felt very relevant to the blogging community. The relaunch in 2012 was very well received, and bloggers have embraced it, providing content and taking part in photoshoots (and Company providing content for some bloggers!)

Company has introduced us to some amazing bloggers, given some bloggers amazing experiences (the blog awards parties always look so much fun!) and even given bloggers a job. Losing the print edition is a huge loss from the magazine racks but we’re glad to hear that Company will still carry on.

The announcement that Company would exist only in website form only caused a lot of people to assume that this was the end, but perhaps this is a good thing for them. As bloggers, we know that websites are the best way to talk about trends and topical themed items. Magazines can be out of date before they even hit the newsstand!

We wish everyone at Company the best of luck, and we can’t wait to see what the next step is! What do you guys think – is this a good move for Company? Will more magazines follow suit, or try to fill the gap?

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