WordPress Wednesday: June’s Plugin of the Month

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Time for another WordPress Wednesday! Weekly tips for new and established self-hosted WordPress users, designed to help you get the most out of your site from Sarah, a WordPress website developer.

Since it’s the beginning of June I thought I’d change things up a little! :) Every first Wednesday of the month I’m going to recommend a plugin that I like. If you’re using a self hosted WordPress install, plugins are a really useful way of adjusting and adding to the functionality of your site – either from the front end or the back end. So what did I pick this month?

Plugin of the month: Bucket List

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 10.31.36

Description: Bucket List is a WordPress plugin that gives you an easy way to to display a categorised list on your site. You don’t necessarily have to use it for your Life List/Bucket List, you could use it for 101 in 1001 or if you do something like a 30 before 30. It links easily to posts you’ve written and it’s super simple to check off a task once you’ve completed it.

Price: Free! Yay

Developer: Cleio & Co

You can see it in action on my personal blog – I’ve been using it for about a year now to track my Life List and it’s made it a lot easier than just hand coding the page :)

Bucket List WordPress Plugin

The backend of Bucket List, where you can add goals to a category, link them to a post and assign them a date once you’ve completed them.

Bucket List WordPress Plugin

That same category, on the frontend :) You can see the linked posts, completed items and dates here.

It also comes enabled with a cute “recently completed goals” widget.

Bucket List WordPress Plugin

Recently completed goals can be displayed in a widget.

If you’re a fan of lists (and what blogger isn’t? ;) ) then give it a go! :)

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