How To Get Back Into It

Bonjour, Blogger! How To Get Back Into It
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So you’ve accidentally taken a few weeks… months… whatever… off from the blog for whatever reason…it happens to all of us! 

Why are you doing this?

Think about why you started blogging in the first place, why you stopped and why you want to get back into it. Perhaps you’ve been missing that creative outlet, and need somewhere to let it out. Maybe you got bored of the content you were producing or felt overwhelmed by the amount you felt like you needed to post. Whatever the reason, change it up, and make it work for you now. 

Get on top of it

Take advantage of your motivation, and get your next month planned. Just get a piece of paper and scribble down your ideas, and if possible, plot them out on a month printout. If you can get posts written up straight away, then do them, and get them scheduled. At the very least, we would recommend scheduling posts once a week, so at least something is going up on a regular basis. 

Check your history

While you’re planning out new posts to write, you could also take a look at your archives to see if there is anything that you could do an updated version of. Perhaps you’re a fashion blogger, and wrote a post about your five favourite summer dresses last year? Write the same post with your picks from this season. Beauty bloggers – if you wrote a review about a product after using it for a week or so, then why not write up an update of how you got on with it. Not only does this give you new content to post about, but you can then promote your older posts to get a little bit of extra traffic your way.

Have you taken a blogging break? How did you get back on the blogging horse?

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