A Month of Adsense

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You may have noticed in the sidebar that there are ads in place. After reading the post that Emma wrote about Adsense, we thought it was worth testing out on the blog to see how it worked, and whether it could bring in any revenue.

We trialled two ad sizes – a 300 x 250 ad (one of the standard sizes available) and a 250 x 250 ad (which fitted better in the sidebar, but isn’t one of the more popular sizes).


Examples of the ads

The below stats are for October 2014 – a month in which bonjourblogger.com had 4,411 unique visitors and 6,876 pageviews.



As you can see, the standard ad performed much better – either because it was able to provide more ads to that spot, or because it was higher positioned than the other ad. It’s worth trying out a few different sizes of ad units (if possible), and running them for a few months to see what suits your site best.

Adsense is easy to set up, open to most blogs and is quick to be approved, so it’s ideal for most bloggers starting out looking to try out monetisation methods.

  • Isabel

    Great insights! Very helpful advice as always :)

    Thanks for sharing!

    December 5, 2014 at 9:40 am Reply

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