Why Brands Aren’t Working With You

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What the hell, right? Your blog (and you, obvs) are totally awesome, so why aren’t brands reaching out to you?

Because it’s not easy to talk to you

That can be taken in a few different ways. It could be as basic as your contact page/details aren’t easy to find, or as complex as the way you sound on social media means people are put off from getting in touch. That one isn’t such an easy fix, but perhaps something to consider.

You’re not picky

Brands want to feel special. While your traffic and domain authority might be amazing, if your blog is just sponsored post after posts of being “kindly sent this”, then that might be putting off brands, both smaller ones and ones who want more exclusivity. Being picky about what you accept and review is a good thing – sometimes you just need to say no (thank you!) 

You don’t fit the spec

Having a clearly defined niche for your blog is a good thing because it not only makes things easier for you on deciding what to post, but it also helps the brand know what sort of thing you cover, and whether it’s worth getting in contact with you. However, this could work against you because there might be this amazing opportunity which you could make work in your niche, but the brand might not be able to see that straight away!

You’re too controversial

Being controversial can be good to attract readers, but it could be scaring off brands from working with you. You shouldn’t dampen down your voice for anyone, but it may be something to think about.

You don’t reply

So so obvious, isn’t it? If you don’t reply, then you’re not going to get picked. A useful trick for this is to use prewritten emails to quickly respond to things which will give you a little time and hopefully more information to judge whether this is a good opportunity for you to work on.

What points would you add to this?

  • Stephanie Hartley

    Love the point about being niche, but maybe blog design/touching up your writing might be good? I’m getting my blog redesigned before I start properly trying to contact brands: I want them to look at it and feel as though it is professional

    Steph – http://nourishmeclean.blogspot.com

    June 2, 2015 at 1:12 pm Reply

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