Saturday Summary

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Amy Elizabeth writes about the things that make her feel like an adult – what makes you think you’re an adult now?






Andrea at Rosy Chicc is talking about some of the beauty tips and tricks she’s learnt recently – some really useful tips in there!






Nicolette Mason shares a simple yet impressive looking DIY of bejewelling a plain clutch. Anyone else dying to get the glue gun out now?






Over at Joy Felicity Jane, Tania has posted some beautiful photos of what’s been happening in her life recently. This is one of our new favourite blogs to follow!






One of our favourite things about winter are all the layers you get to wear to keep cosy, and we’re loving Charlotte’s bright pink coat over on Girl Next Door Fashion. Want want want!






Amy talks about the festive uni room accessories she’s loving at the moment. Love the tartan bed set!






Lauren Elizabeth writes about why a blazer is such an important thing in her wardrobe. What’s the one item you always go to?






If you’re looking for an eco friendly beauty gift set to give as a gift, Annabel at Fragmented Splendour has rounded up her favourites to give you some ideas!






Sarah Mia talks about crossing another thing off her 30 for 30 list – this time, it was to take a pole dancing class. Do you have a list of things to do at a certain age? We’d love to see those links!




What blog posts have you enjoyed reading (or writing!) this week? We love to read them all!

  • Alice

    I love these weekly round-ups! Such a lovely way to catch up with what others are doing, and to find new blogs.

    Much like Sarah and her 30at30 list, I’m doing a 25at25 challenge which I’m blogging my way through over on 15 challenges were set by my friends and family, 10 set by myself. It’s such a fun way to force yourself into doing something new and different!

    January 30, 2014 at 12:15 pm Reply

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