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WordPress 5.0 was released yesterday and as you’d expect with a version ending in .0, it’s a big one! The main change that came in with this version is the new block building way of creating your content and indeed your site, called Gutenberg. We’ve discussed Gutenberg previously as a way to write your posts – we personally love this plugin as it makes building your posts so much easier.

It can always be a little nerve wracking to update your site, especially with the big ones like this. Since most blog hosts will automatically update your version of WordPress to always ensure you’re on the most up to date version, it’s a good idea to switch this off for now, until you’re more comfortable updating. If you rely on your site and want to make sure it’s working over the Christmas holiday, then hold off on updating – however, we have updated this site to 5.0 and it’s working fine so far! Make sure you take a backup of your site, or contact your host to see if they can easily reverse the update, if you are really cautious.

The main things to look at before updating your site are:

  • Is your theme going to work fine with the Gutenberg editor?
  • Are there any plugins you consider essential that will not work with the 5.0 update?
  • Have you taken a full backup?

If you really hate the Gutenberg way of working (or if you’re using assistive technology), then you can get your old new post page back by installing the plugin called “Classic Editor

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