Instagram Introduces Close Friends Filter

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Does anyone else get a small amount of fear when they see this icon in the Stories section when they open up Instagram?

This time, it’s because Instagram has created a “Close Friends” feature, which allows you to share posts only with your bff’s. It’s easy to do, you just set up the list of who you want to see those Stories, then when you want to only share your post to that group, you tap the “close friends” button instead of “your story”

When watching stories shared to a close friends list, you’ll see a badge in the top right corner to highlight that this is a filtered post. The ring around their icon on Stories will be green instead of pinky orange.

We don’t know yet whether this will affect the algorithm very much – it’s possible that by telling Instagram who your besties are, that they’ll make sure you see their posts first but who really knows!

We love the idea of the close friends list,because it reminds us of being able to filter your posts on Livejournal – the only suggestion we have for this is the ability to create more filters so you can separate your friends list out a bit more.

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