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If you’re a keen Instagram Story-er, you’ll know the frustration of getting into the flow of filming something and then the limit of Instagram cutting you off mid sentence

One easy way to get around this is to record your video, then use an app to chop up the video into Instagram friendly chunks and upload in the right order. The app we prefer is CutStory.

It’s so easy to use – all you need to do is tap the video icon, choose your video and tap the export button to choose how long you want each section to be, depending on your chosen app. 

You can also use CutStory to join up a few images into a video and add your own text, etc but there are other apps you could use, like Unfold and Canva, which will create more visuually pleasing Stories. 

It costs 99p to remove the CutStory logo from your exported clips – it’s not a majorly annoying logo thankfully, but it’s worth upgrading for such a low price.

CutStory is available on the App Store for iOS here for free.

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