2017 Finance Survey

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Blogger Finance Survey - Bonjour Blogger - Blogging Advice Site

Blogging finances always seem to be such a taboo subject. Which is kinda silly when you think about it – how are you supposed to know how much to charge for a sponsored post if you don’t know what other people are charging? With a full time job, you have the salary ranges to judge whether you are being paid fairly, as well as sites like Glassdoor to compare against others in similar roles and industries.

We’re running an anonymous confidential survey to round up what you are charging and will post about the trends before Christmas. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch, but in the meantime, we’d appreciate if you shared this link with other bloggers – the more people who complete this survey, the better the results will be and will hopefully be helpful in the future.

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(If you can’t see the survey above, click this link – bit.ly/2017BBFinance)

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