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Buffer is a great app. It allows you to schedule lots of tweets, Facebook posts, Google+ posts and Pinterest posts. Used in combination with Bulk Buffer, you can schedule tons of posts all at once. But the problem with Buffer and Bulk Buffer is that it doesn’t really work when there are certain posts that you want to post every day.

Introducing Hiplay. Hiplay is a third party app which connects to Buffer and allows you to set certain tweets as “evergreen” content. That means they’re always relevant posts – so you can use them for things like linking to your homepage or to your Bloglovin. (Well, that’s what we’re using it for!). You can set it to tweet a certain number of items from your evergreen queue each day.


Logging in for the first time, you’ll see a list of posts in the unprocessed tab from your Buffer. You’ll want to sort through them by clicking either the evergreen or archive button – if you want to amend them afterwards, just go to the relevant tab and change the tag.

If you have a basic free account with Buffer, then you can use Hiplay to tweet up to 10 times a day for you, and if you have a paid account with Buffer, well, you can post as much as you like! (Just don’t go crazy, k?). Having this set up will make it much easier for you to keep your account active, even if you’re offline for a few days!

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