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The first rule about #blogclub is that you should tell everyone about #blogclub


One of the biggest things that bloggers talk about on the various blogger hashtag chats is that it’s difficult to get out and meet other bloggers. Sure, you might see them at a brand event, or at a blogger organised day out, but when do you get the chance to sit and actually talk about blogging?

#blogclub has been a germ of an idea lurking about for a year or two – yes, even before Bonjour, Blogger! was born! We wanted to bring together bloggers in a space to just sit and work on their blogs, and to be able to discuss ideas and get help from other bloggers. Sophie from Viral Ad Network got in contact a few months ago, and after a few random emails saying “hey wouldn’t this be cool?”, we organised a little meetup at the VAN HQ in Bristol.

We invited a few of our favourite bloggers for this trial event – to sound out what sort of thing people would like to see, and whether they thought this was a good idea! Thankfully, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves (although was that caused too much cake and cups of tea…? ;) ) and seemed enthusiastic for future events. It was awesome to see our bloggy friends without the pressures of making sure you’ve got enough photos for a blog post, or any schedule of places to visit, etc.


l-r: Jo, Christine, Josephine, Victoria, SJ, Lily, Hayley, Sophie and Sammy. Missing: Laura

Thanks to everyone who came – check out their blogs – especially these posts by She & Hem, Lily Doughball, Shipshape and Bristol Fashion and (of course!) the Viral Ad Network which talk about the event some more! The biggest thanks must go to the Viral Ad Network for allowing us to take over their studio for the day! We’d love to hold more events like this, perhaps around the country, so if you’re a brand that would like to get involved, do get in contact.

Photos kindly borrowed from She and Hem and Sophie

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