How To Monetise Instagram The Easy Way

Bonjour, Blogger! How To Monetise Instagram The Easy Way
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ShopStyle Collective have created a new feature, Looks and Collections, which allow bloggers to group together items in one widget that can be embedded.

A Look is a shoppable image with a list of items that are in the image, and a Collection is the frame which will house the Looks. This means it’s easy to switch around the Looks that are seen on a Collection that you might choose to embed in your sidebar or separate page.

It also means that it’s super easy for you to monetise your Instagram without readers having to sign up to anything. You can just direct your Instagram followers to a separate page on your blog which could have all of your Instagram pictures on there and they could find out what you’re wearing in each one. You could even do the same with your Snapchat followers – just save a screenshot of your Snap to use as a shoppable image. Creating your own social shop page is also a good way to bring people to your blog who might not do so otherwise.

Shopstyle have also announced the launch of Emoticode which is a way to monetise your Snapchats, but this relies on the viewer to download the Shopstyle iOS app, screenshot your Snaps and then upload them to get the details – it’s much easier for both you and the viewer to use the Looks and Collections feature.

You can find out how to actually create the Looks and Collections here – how would you use this feature?

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