Bloggers Reprise

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Next up in our ongoing series about blogger networks is Bloggers Reprise.

Bloggers Reprise is a place for bloggers and brands to come together and work on exciting opportunities. It is owned by, who are a digital marketing agency.

They are launching their blogger community first in the UK, then hope to expand globally.

There are three main areas that they will focus on:

  • Socialising
  • Education
  • Working Together

On the socialising side of things, they’ll have forums and groups where bloggers can share their experiences and tips, and meet new people. In education, they’ll be giving their members access to information from experts in articles, workshops and networking events and with working together, they’ll be able to give members the chance to work with brands on things such as product reviews, event invitations, give-aways, experiences, opportunities for behind the scenes access and options to host or take part in competitions.

If an opportunity comes up that is suitable for your blog, then you’ll receive an email to apply to take part.


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