Five Favourite Instagram Apps

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If you want to take your Instagram Stories to the next level, these five apps will help you – and they’re all free to download!

Bonjour, Blogger! What Is Canva? image 1


Canva is a great app for creating little posters and graphics for blog posts, etc – it’s easy to use on your phone or desktop so you can quickly whip up something


The app that everyone uses for their Stories to make them look like little magazine pages. Read more about Unfold and how it will change up your Stories


Over is similar to Canva, but will have different templates available – it’s not one we’ve seen many people using, so you’re more likely to find something no one else has used!

Bonjour, Blogger! Hype Type image 1


HypeType is a useful app to add moving graphics over your images or videos


CutStory is the app to use when you want to talk and talk but not have those awkward cut off points in your Stories. Find out more about CutStory in our blog post

What’s your favourite app for Instagram Stories? 

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