Review: IPOW Selfie Stick

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If you believe the news, selfie sticks are a sign of the end of humanity. If you’ve actually used one, then you’ll know that they’re actually pretty useful for getting a photo of yourself, or getting your phone closer to something to take a photo.

This article over at The Verge is really interesting in defending selfie sticks but they’re not exactly a new thing!

If you didn’t get one in your stocking this Christmas, then this one is worth checking out…


The IPOW Selfie Stick♦ cost £15 from Amazon, and will work with most phones. It can extend up to 105cm away from you – far enough to be able to squeeze quite a few people into your photo! It connects to your phone via Bluetooth, because it includes a button in the handle to be able to take the photo. No need to use the self timer!

IPOW Selfie Stick with iPhone 6

The phone clamp easily took an iPhone 6 with a case on, although there is an additional attachment if your phone doesn’t fit so well. In the base of the handle (the black bit), there’s a switch to turn it on and off, and a micro USB bit to charge it. Setting up the button was super easy too – just pair your phone with the stick by Bluetooth.

Of course, there are tons of cheaper alternatives available on eBay♦, but the benefit of this stick was that it is available on Amazon Prime, so you could have it tomorrow if you wanted! You can also get cheaper ones with a separate Bluetooth remote for the phone, but it’s nice to have it all in one place.

Rating out of five: star star star star

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