What Is Klout?

What Is Klout? | Bonjour, Blogger!
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Klout is one of those things that you sign into, and promptly forget about because it’s just another way to measure your social media skills, right?

Well, yes and no. Klout does measure how chatty you are on Twitter and what you talk most about, but it also can help a PR decide whether to work with you because it measures your influence on social media. Having a large amount of followers can be one way to judge whether you’ve got a large influence, but as we discussed on our post about buying followers, that’s pretty easy to fake.

To get a higher Klout score, you need to chat to everyone. Talking to the same few people all the time will keep your score pretty steady, but talking to lots of people will really give you a boost! One way to talk to lots of different people would be to join in with the various Twitter hashtag chats.

One way to encourage people to talk to you (and for you to chat back of course!) is to ask questions that engage people. Especially with the hashtag chats, this is another great way to find new blogs to follow as well.

If you have a high Klout score, congratulations! You may also be eligible for a “Perk”, which is a freebie for being awesome. There’s another site called PeerPerks which also gives perks to influential social media people – check out this blog post on ceriselle.org which talks about PeerPerks a bit more.

Have you used Klout before? Do you think these sort of sites are useful?

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