What Are Pinterest Maps

We’ve discussed previously about how you can create maps in Google to show all your favourite places, but Pinterest has taken that idea and gone one step further with Places Pins. pinterest_places Places Pins are a way for you to bookmark the places that you want to go or have been – you could create a board of your favourite cafes in your home city, which would be an awesome way to share that information with other people. Certain websites like Foursquare, AirBnB and Hotels.com will automatically include location information if you pin something on there.

To create a place board, you just need to select “Add A Map” when you create a board, or you can edit existing boards to include them.

One major benefit of place pins is that the maps are accessible on most devices – ideal if you’re creating a board to make a note of the places that you want to visit on holiday.

How would you use place pins?

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