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If you’re wondering how to get different text formats on your Instagram stories, or other pictures you’re editing on your phone, Hype Type may be the app for you.

As you do with Instagram Stories, swipe up to choose an item from your camera roll to start editing. (You can edit items that are older than 24 hours, then once you save them, they’ll be available in Instagram stories again for you! A sneaky way to get around that 24 hour limit!) You can then type the caption that you want – if you can’t think of anything to type at the moment, tap the green quotation mark and a random quote will appear.

Once you’ve put in your caption, tap the T icon to choose the animation style and colours you want. (Tap the colour icon a few times to change which order the colours are used in the animation) If you want to tweak things like the speed of the clip, or how it appears, you can do that by tapping the film icon.

Once you’re happy with it all, tap the blue tick mark, and you’ll be able to export to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or just save to the camera roll.

Some of the animations are for paid users as is the ability to remove the watermark from the image – to get all of the animations, it costs £1.99, to get rid of the watermark, it’s another £1.99, but if you want to unlock everything, it’s £2.99. If you want to make your Instagram stories really stand out, this is a great app to use.  
Hype Type is a free app on iOS, with in app purchases

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    I have only just come across your site, and it’s great ! Thank you

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