5 Ways To Update Blog Posts

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If you’ve been blogging for a while, then it’s good to keep posting links to old posts as a way to keep people visiting your blog. But if the posts aren’t as relevant as they were a year ago, then you might not want to share the details. Here are a few ways that you can update old posts to keep them relevant…

Update the images

Many people are unsure about sharing older blog posts because the images aren’t up to their current standards – if you’re able to retake the photos (e.g. products, etc), then go for it, but there is something to be said for keeping images as they were from when you originally took them (for example, with outfit posts). If you haven’t already done so, you could add images to be pinned.

Update the blog title

Way way back when people started fashion blogging, it was pretty popular to just give your blog posts a song lyric as a title. If you can go and amend it, then you could tweak it to make it a bit more SEO friendly.

Add ALT text to images and keywords to the post

This is a really good way to bring more traffic to older posts – adding alt text to images and keywords to the actual post can help to improve your search rankings

Add to your regular tweets

If you haven’t already checked out our guide to keep older blog posts tweeting automatically, make sure to add that to your reading list, then add your post to the list with an interesting comment to attract your Twitter followers

Check the information is still relevant

Some posts do exist well even years later, but some like where you’re talking about shops having sales, for example, may not be as useful. You could add a note to the top of the post, or use the <s> HTML tag to strike through the details that are now incorrect.


How have you updated old posts?

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