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Bonjour, Blogger! YouTube and Copyright
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This week saw the announcement that Michelle Phan, YouTube star, is being sued by a record label for copyright infringement on some of the music she has used in her videos. When we tweeted about this yesterday, lots of people were surprised, but so many more of you were not!

When you come across anything that has already been made, the first assumption you should use is that you can’t use it. Unless there is a specific note that anyone is able to use the image, either to repost, or to edit, then it’s not yours to use. If you really can’t find anything similar, or if the item is just so perfect, then get in contact with the creator and ask them. Chris has covered copyright and blogging previously, which is well worth a read.


If you’re new to vlogging, then we found an audio library on YouTube which not just has lots of background music for you to use, but even sound effects! (The sound effects would go really well with the stop animation/gif app we showed you on Monday!) Here’s one of the example tracks you could use in the background of your video – pretty inoffensive!

How do you find music for your YouTube videos?

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