Turning An Unproductive Day Around

Bonjour, Blogger! Turning An Unproductive Day Around
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Do you ever have one of those days when you’re staring (and staring and eventually go a little bit cross eyed) at your screen until you’re ready to just throw in the towel? We’ve all been there – in fact, that’s how this post came about! Here are 5 tips on how to rescue one of those “can’t do anything” days


  1. List, List, List
    It can be a little daunting to sit down and go “Right, I need to do…everything“. Making a list of everything that you need to do makes it a little less scary, and it’s oddly satisfying to cross things off. Go a step further and break down each task – for example, to break this blog post down, you might put

    • Write Mondays blog post
      • Write post
      • Create header image
      • Schedule post to go live at 12noon
      • Make sure post is tagged for SEO purposes
      • Schedule tweets to go out when the post is live and in the evening

    Breaking things down means you won’t forget any of it either!
    (oh, and it’s totally OK to put “make a to do list” on your to do list. You need something to cross off, right?)

  2. Move Around
    Not everyone has the picture perfect blogging location. Even if you do, it’s good to get a change of scenery – if you’re feeling uninspired in your current spot, pick everything up and go sit somewhere else – the kitchen, the garden, even a favourite cafe!
  3. Pomodoro!
    There’s a post about this technique earlier this month, but basically, you take a timer, set it for 25 minutes, and work, non stop until the timer goes off, when you can take a 5 minute break. By forcing yourself to work, knowing that there will be a break coming in just x minutes, then it can really help!
  4. Change It Up
    You’re struggling to get this post done but you don’t want to just give up on it just yet. Walk away from your laptop, and go and do something else. Loading the dishwasher, sorting the laundry, walking the dog – these little tasks can take your mind off things, which can help you break through the unproductive block
  5. Know When To Quit
    Sometimes, there is no solution. Knowing when to quit and just relax is a good thing – everyone needs time off to chill!

How do you rescue an unproductive day?

  • Laura

    Great post, thanks Hayley! Definitely going to use these tips when I’m having an unproductive day of blogging :)

    July 5, 2014 at 7:55 pm Reply

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