Saturday Summary

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Kate at Scathingly Brilliant designed a dress for Dahlia, and it went into a limited run, so this week, she’s been showing us five different ways to wear it. It’s so beautiful!





One of our favourite discoveries is this Norwegian food art blog, Idafrosk. Sometimes, it’s good to play with your food, when you make it as beautiful as this! The blog is written in Norwegian, but there are English translations underneath.





Ellie went to Paris with a few other bloggers for the weekend, and wrote about it over on Pretty Much Penniless. All the photos of cake are making us hungry!





Any recipe that include the instruction “insert block of cheese” is sure to be a winner, which Ally over on Of Cake and Science posted about savoury cheese muffins with just such a line.





We’ve ended up with quite a food based Saturday Summary this week, and we loved the mini chicken pot pies over on Oh So Lovely.






While Elizabeth is on holiday, over on Rosalilium, she’s had some guest bloggers talking about Yes Moments. Guest blogs are a great way to find new interesting blogs – you can find all the posts here!





Tzevai over on Light In A Digital Shade is talking about running playlists ahead of doing the Cardiff Half Marathon on Sunday (pob lwc!) What do you like to run to?




What have been the posts you’ve enjoyed reading this week?


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