Do Bloggers Need To Be At Fashion Week?

Bonjour, Blogger! Do Bloggers Need To Be At Fashion Week?
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It feels like September and February brings out the competitive nature in bloggers. Seeing others heading down to London and posting the most fabulous Instagrams about the breakfasts in hotels they’re being treated to is either going to make you supremely jealous or determined to get there yourself next season. But are bloggers really needed at Fashion Week?

Fashion Week is foremost a trade show. Buyers and the media are given a first look at the upcoming trends from designers so they can plan their schedule accordingly. As the definition of media has changed over the last 10 years, the variety of people attending has increased. A few years ago, it was fairly easy to get accreditation to enter Somerset House, but as more and more bloggers signed up, the British Fashion Council have cut down on who can attend. We’ve posted previously about how they are changing how they work with bloggers, which was a welcomed change as the BFC could see how blogs are beneficial.

However, for every blog post that writes about the shows and street style in an interesting way (we’re especially loving Kristabel’s coverage at the moment!), there are the blogs which barely give the actual shows a mention, instead focusing on their own view. That’s fine – it’s probably why people read the blog – but readers may be disappointed if the blogger is hyping up about going to LFW, and then doesn’t even mention what they liked about the shows they went to.

Then, there are those who hang around the cobbles of Somerset House in the hope of being photographed. So much has been written before about those people waiting around to be snapped for a street style article – although it can be fun if you’re passing by to pop in to the courtyard to peek at the huge variety out there!

What do you think? Do bloggers need to go to fashion week, or should the organisers restrict press passes a little more? What do you enjoy reading about from bloggers when they’re writing about fashion weeks – do you want to know the latest trends, or do you want the personal story?

  • Jodie

    Most bloggers don’t need to be at Fashion Week but it’s great that the BFC recognises bloggers because some can offer a really insightful commentary and it would be naive to exclude entirely.

    As for the people who hang around Somerset House, ughhhh they annoy me!!

    September 18, 2014 at 12:17 pm Reply

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