How To Define Your Blog

Bonjour, Blogger! How To Define Your Blog
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Defining your blog is really important to keep you focused, but so few of us do it. It’s something you can share with your readers as a separate thing, combined into your about me page or maybe just keep it to yourself to remind you of your targets.

The main thing to help you keep focused is to figure out what you’re passionate about. We’re assuming, of course, that your passion is the main topic of the blog – there’s not much point in focusing on something that you’re only lukewarm about because you’ll soon burn out. If you’re excited about a topic, it shows in your writing as well, meaning people are going to want to read more from you

Your beliefs are also really important and may influence your blog content and who you want to be reading your blog. For example, if you’re looking to focus on vegan fashion, then you’ll want to target fashion lovers as well as others interested in non-animal based clothing.

Finally, consider both how you can fit into the blogging communities around your topic, but also how you can stand out. What makes you different to all the other bloggers out there?

How do you define your blog and its aims?

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