What’s A Landing Page, And Do I Need One?

Bonjour, Blogger! What's A Landing Page, And Do I Need One?
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Landing pages are the page where you direct people to. For most of us, we use the homepage of our blog – so for example, that would be www.bonjourblogger.com for this site. However, that might not really tell a new visitor to your site what your blog is all about.

If you’ve checked out our Twitter profile, you’ll see that the link to the site isn’t www.bonjourblogger.com, but www.bonjourblogger.com/hello. The reason for this is that it gives us a chance to explain what Bonjour, Blogger! is all about, but also to show some of our favourite posts, and group them together on certain topics.

Another good reason to have a landing page is so you can show off your favourite posts – not just to attract new readers, but also for new brand partnerships. You could have a landing page to show off the type of work that you have done with previous collaborations, and use that on blogger networks to show what sort of thing you’re happy to do.

Finally, a landing page means that you can direct people to your other sites – perhaps you’re a blogger, but you also have an online shop? You can also direct readers to your other social media networks, or anywhere else that you want to send people to!

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