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Instagram doesn’t allow you to put clickable links in posts, which is pretty frustrating for bloggers. Sure, you could keep updating the one link in your profile, but if you post every day then it’s easy for your older posts to get lost.

Linktree is a great free way to keep lots of links in one place for followers to find your recent posts, and it also has statistics available so you can see how many times people have visited a link.

It’s super easy to sign up – just click the sign up button on the home page, and it will take you to an Instagram authorisation page so you can approve Linktree to have access to your pictures and profile information. You’ll also need to pop your email address in there and it will give you a link to put in your Instagram bio.

You can edit the links on the page from your phone (isn’t it super annoying when you can’t easy add or edit things from your phone?) and you can put the links in any order you want.

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