How To Find The Perfect Blog Name

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One of the difficult things about creating a blog is knowing what to call it. So many of us who started our blogs long ago feel a little silly saying the name of the blog because we chose names that had a huge meaning back then but 10 years later, they’re not as relevant. Many bloggers these days are going with their name, because you’re never going to be embarassed by your name but if you don’t want to go down that route, here are a few ways to figure out what name is going to suit you for a long time

Word Association

Grab a piece of paper and write down words that describe you and the things around you like your interests, your hobbies, your career, etc. You could spread out this activity over a week or so to make sure you pick up as many words as possible that could be relevant. Once you’ve done this, you could see if any match up together and from there go on to look if the domain name and social media handles are available.

Avoid Specifics

Here’s a really embarassing fact: one of my first Hotmail email addresses was “sweet seventeen”. So what happened when I turned 18? I felt like I had to get a new email address. Avoid having to do this with your blog by not using things in your name like your age (“twenty-something life” doesn’t work so well when you’re in your 30’s!). That doesn’t mean that you can’t use descriptive words – just consider what would happen when that’s not applicable.

Go Basic

Sometimes the best blog name will be your name – but consider variations like your nicknames if you want to avoid feeling like you need to change your blog name if you ever change your own name.

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