How To Change Your RSS Feed

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We’ve talked before about whether it’s a good idea or not to have full RSS feeds or extracts to force readers to visit your site but we didn’t look at how to change the setting! Whether you’ve switched it to the extracts previously but after reading that post you decided you wanted to switch back, or whether you think extracts would work better for you, here’s how to do it:



In your dashboard, go to Settings > Other, and on the “Allow Blog Feed”, choose the option that suits you best.


On, head to Settings > Reading, and change the setting that says “For each article in a feed”.


Self Hosted WordPress

Again, it’s the same location for the self hosted WordPress users – Settings > Reading > “For each article in a feed…”



Finally for Tumblr, just click Customize, then scroll to the bottom in the left side bar and click Advanced Options. Just flick the switch next to the “truncate RSS feed” to make it an extract feed!

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