Three Tips For Beautiful Instagram Photos

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There are some Instagram accounts that you can’t help but love every single photo on there because the images are always just perfectly posed. Of course, you can use some of the various image editing apps for your phone to tweak the photo, but here are three tricks for you to try out that don’t need any extra steps to fit them in

Zoom, Zoom

Changing how close you are to the object that you’re taking a photo of can really change how the whole image looks. That might sound really obvious, but check out these three images:


(Screenshotted from the Instagram app, so you can see the grid overlay – we’ll explain about that one in the next tip)

By zooming in (and even with the extreme one!), the focus of the image is totally different.

Change Your View


Do you know what the rule of thirds is? It’s a technique used in art and (in this case) photography where you imagine that the photo is overlayed with a grid – have you noticed in Instagram, you get that grid splitting your image into 9 squares? That’s a really helpful guide for you to position your image.

The rule of thirds says that for a more interesting composition, you should try to put the main parts of your image along those lines.

Empty Your Space

Using empty space in your image kinda goes against the first tip about zooming in, but depending on what you’re taking photos of, it can fit in a lot more. Use the empty space to draw the viewers eye down to the subject – especially when combined with the rule of thirds


Do you use any of these tips already?

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