Why A Style Guide Is Useful

Bonjour, Blogger! Why A Style Guide Is Useful
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Way back when Bonjour, Blogger! was in the creation stage, before a WordPress theme had even been chosen, a style guide was created. Sounds like a lot of effort, right? Not really! A style guide is basically just the details of certain colours and fonts that you would use for your site. It means that you have something to refer back to when you’re creating a new image for things like small ads and keeps a uniform look on your blog.

A style guide can also be as specific as how headings are written (all caps? all lower case?), what kind of language is used (will you swear? will you use slang?), etc. It can be as detailed as you like – which would be useful if you have a few different writers for your site.

Keeping a consistent look, even if you’re the only one writing on there, means that it’s easier for you to create images (for Pinterest, for example) and other graphics.


If you’re not sure how to create a style guide, then you might be interested in this free printable from our shop!

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