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stephaniedreamsName: Steph
Age: 25
Location: Wiltshire
Blog URL:

What is your blog about? A style diary mainly, but also follows my life around and the fun things I do, with my woofers and Boyfriend

Is this your first blog? Yes, indeed.

When did you start your current blog? December 2009

What made you do it? I wanted an online diary, and although it’s changed somewhat, it’s pretty much stayed like that.

What was your first blog post about? It was introducing myself, and the things “I love”

What do you think is the most useful tool to you as a blogger? Other bloggers – if that counts?! You learn so much, feel inspired, and make amazing friends.

Do people in your “real life” know about your blog? My closet friends and family do
If yes, has your blog helped you career wise? Personally, no. But I feel that it has strength too.

What has been the one thing (blog post, project, etc) you’ve been really proud of? Making the friends I have, a bit cheesy, I know. A part from that, going to Bestival with Echo Falls has been the best blogging experience.

Where do you see your blog in a year? Still going, hopefully growing a little, but sticking to what I want it to be.

What do you wish you knew when starting your blog? About basic photo sizing and editing.

What do you wish you know about now? General html, and changing my blog layout out

How do you keep motivated to post? Just knowing how much I love my blog, and the happiness it gives me.

Anything else you’d like to add? Peace out! (Ha, such a loser!)

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