How To Spread Positivity

Bonjour, Blogger! How To Spread Positivity
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Blogging is an amazing medium. In the 15 years since it was created, we’ve seen so many huge changes happen. Even just 3 years ago, could we have predicted that bloggers who started in just the same way as everyone else would blog full time, have book deals, and even beauty products?

One thing that always comes up when talking about the blogging communities is how there is a stream of negativity that always seems to be lurking under the surface. We thought we’d share some ways to share some positivity in the community to fight back against it!

Most of you reading this will blog about beauty, fashion and lifestyle things, but sometimes, you’ll want to talk about something more serious but meaningful to you. Never think that you shouldn’t share something on your blog because it’s not relevant – if it’s important to you, then your readers will be interested in it.

You already have an audience, so by using your blog, you can raise awareness for your cause and even funding – if you’re doing something like Race for Life, your blog is the perfect place to share your fundraising page!

One thing that’s always bound to put a smile on someone elses face is to write about why you love their blog or Instagram profile. People like to be recognised for their hard work, and your readers will love to hear about new blogs to read or people to follow.

Gala Darling‘s “Things I Love Thursday” blog series started way back in 2007 and was picked up by lots of bloggers as a way to have a regular series on gratitude. Although less people are taking part in this specific blog series these days, there are still lots of bloggers who write about what has made them happy each week and it’s a great way to have a regular blog series as well as making you appriciate the little things in life.

Of course, these ideas don’t have to be restricted to your blog if that seems like too much of a commitment – why not start your own little hashtag on Twitter to share your favourite blogs and do that whenever you read a blog post you love!

How do you spread a little sunshine around the community?

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