How To Stand Out

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The blogosphere is a huge place, and for new bloggers, it can feel like there are millions of other bloggers doing the same thing as you. But there are a few things you should remember, that hopefully make things a little easier to find your spot – because despite all the posts you may have seen saying blogging is overcrowded, there’s space for everyone!

Be Open

Being honest and open with your audience makes you more approachable, and means you can be recognised as a leading authority on your niche.

Be Professional

It can be so tempting to join in all the blogger drama on Twitter, especially when it seems to happen so much lately, but in the long run, it’s going to be much better to rise above and ignore it all. (That’s not to say that if something shady is going on, you shouldn’t say anything, because you don’t want others to be taken advantage of!)

Be Recognisable

With so many bloggers around, you don’t want to just fade into the background of tons of similar bloggers. Make sure you stand out by having a memorable blog name and a strong brand identity

Be You

This has to be the most important point to remember! Don’t tone down your sense of humour because you think it will scare people away – it could be what makes your blog popular!

What would you recommend to new bloggers to stand out in such a crowded market?

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