Multiple Instagram Accounts Are Finally Here!

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It’s been long awaited, but finally, it’s here. Since brands and bloggers started using Instagram to promote themselves on separate accounts, it’s been an annoying problem to keep having to log out of one account and log into another one.


It’s super easy to add a new account – just go to the settings section in your app (for iOS users, that’s the cog icon on your profile page), and scroll down to the bottom of the options page. Tap the “Add Account” link and fill in your username and password for your other account and voilà! If you don’t want an account on your phone anymore, you can log out of it here as well without having to log out of every account.


There are two ways to easily switch accounts – either tap your username at the top of your profile page and you’ll get a drop down that shows all your accounts (and gives you easy access to add a new account here as well)…


…or you can tap and hold your profile pic in the bottom right corner of the screen which will bring up the quick switcher as well! This one works no matter where you are in the app.


Finally, it’s worth checking your notifications if you only want to get told about likes and comments on one of your accounts (or whatever combination of notifications you want) – go to options, then “Push Notification Settings”. You’ll need to switch accounts to set the notifications for each one, but if you have a very popular account and only want the notifications for your personal account, this is really useful to check!

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