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  1. Ooh, what a nice competition! :) I’d like to see some more advanced stuff like resources for learning how to code, creating your own WordPress themes, making the move to monetise etc etc.

    & I’d probably have a yellow ‘panda’ necklace, or ‘team chong’ ha.

  2. I’d lime to see more coding/html/layout technical advice, and posts on how to spread the word about your blog and get more interaction! I have no idea what I’d have on the necklace… maybe my name but that’s a bit boring isn’t it!

  3. As a newbie blogger the tutorials are great, keep them coming it really helps!
    I have a Belly necklace so maybe I should go the whole hog and get hellybellybutt :)

  4. I’d like to see more information on audience demographics — the social platforms that appeal to them, their behaviours when visiting blogs etc.

    As for the necklace, I might just be boring and have my blog name in red — or maybe Taffy in yellow, which is a nickname of mine.

  5. I’d love to see some reviews from people who have paid for blog designs – if anyone has any recommendations and can share their experiences, that would be great!
    I think I’d probably have ‘New Northerner’ as my necklace design. Whilst it’s also the name of my blog, I think it would a great talking point with my friends!

  6. I would love to see more discussion posts as it is always really interesting getting to hear other bloggers opinions. The tutorials on here are really fantastic as well, really it would be really great to just see more of what you are doing. My favourite posts are still the Saturday ones that link to interesting posts from the week – have found some great new blogs to read from that :)

    With the necklace I think I would get my name in the Lobster Font – that would be pretty cool.

  7. I would love to learn more about personalising/branding my blog so that it has a handout identity.

    Writing code etc would probably be helpful for that…

    I’d love a necklace with my blogger identity “Pearl Sanguine” in a coral colour as that’s my current colour obsession!

  8. I love all your tutorials, so more of those! I’m not v technical, so it is a good resource for me and easy to understand! I LOVE the cake queen necklace – I could wear it when doing my cake stalls haha!

  9. Tutorials are always helpful and I love it when you explain blogging terms and phrases – as a newbie blogger, they’re all really useful. Saturday Summaries are great as well for finding new blogs!

    1. My necklace should probably say “doh!” beacause I forgot to answer that bit of the question!

      Really though, It’d be cool to have a necklace simply saying “duck” :-)

  10. I love the ‘how to’ posts and step by step guides to use as a reference. I’d love to see pros and cons of using different platforms for you blog and how to monopolise your blog.

    But I love Bonjour Blogger to pieces! X

    I would get my blog name on my necklace, I think! ‘Miss Jojangles’

  11. These are cool. I’d like Typepad specific stuff as I struggle with the layouts but I may be the only person interested in that!

  12. I’d like to know more about widgets and plugins for blogs – I’m still not self hosting but until I get there it would be great to know what more I can do with a basic WordPress account.

  13. I love reading about other bloggers, what inspired them and why and when they started blogging. I love discovering a whole range of different types of blogs, not just fashion/lifestyle one, so would love to see that side of Bonjour Blogger grown even more.

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