How To Make Your Own Linktree Page

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We’ve posted previously about how useful Linktree is – if you’ve forgotten what that is, it’s a site that allows you to create links to various other places so you only need to include one link in your Instagram bio (instead of having to remember to change it every time you post a new blog post or something similar)

However, it’s not perfect – as with any external service, you are reliant on a third party to provide a service for you, and Instagram has been flagging their links as being against community guidelines – if enough people are reporting individual accounts links as problematic, Instagram is assuming that anything from that domain is not the sort of thing that they want on their network.

Another benefit of creating a page on your own site is that you are getting people on your site straight away, and hopefully, they’ll stick around! Linktree’s free account is also quite restrictive in how it looks, so it probably won’t fit your chosen branding, making it less recognisably yours. (You can pay for a premium account, but what’s the point when you can make it fit perfectly in with your website for no money?)

The easiest way to make your own version of a Linktree page is to create a new page in your blogging dashboard, and give it a useful name so the URL is easy to remember – maybe something like “hello”, “what I’m up to” or “instagram links”

Create links to the items you want – perhaps creating images for each thing to make the links more obvious – depending on how often you intend to update the page, you may want to have a button for latest blog posts instead of each individual post

You could include links to your other social media profiles so people can follow you elsewhere, and include a photo of yourself and a short bio. Just make sure you check out how it looks on your mobile device before you use it as the link in your bio!

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