Festive Prop Ideas

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Christmas time is here…and that means it’s super easy to theme your images with a few things you’ve already got around the house. Save time next year as well by taking a lot of different photos now and saving them in your Dropbox, etc!

Tinsel and Baubles

Tinsel and baubles are super cheap to buy if you haven’t already got them, or if you want to keep your images with a specific colour theme. Scatter them around the items you’re going to photograph and it will easily fill up your images making them more interesting to look at!

Fairy Lights

These aren’t just great to have in the image at Christmas, but all year round. You could have them around your items, or use them in the background to brighten things up without overdoing it.

Ribbon and Gift Wrap

Gift wrap is an awesome background for flat lays, but you could also use ribbon threaded around your flat lay items and wrapped presents as both background items and ways to vary the height in your images. You’re going to be buying these things anyway so it’s a cheap way to change up your images.

Candy Canes and Treats

Finally, the most delicious option – treats you can arrange around your items and then eat them up afterwards! Candy canes are getting easier to pick up in shops these days (Poundland has boxes of them) and are the most festive treat ever!

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