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  1. I have at least one or two scheduled posts waiting in the wings – and this is normally because I have rather a lot to blog about (I take photos of things nearly every time I’m out and about), but don’t like updating more than three times a week. I find there’s a big dip in comments if I do. Plus, as you say, it relieves the pressure a bit when you don’t have the time or energy to blog!

    1. That’s interesting about the comments! I don’t like to post too often on my personal blog (although I should be doing more than I currently am!) and no more than once a day on here – if I have that much to say, then scheduling helps give me time to do something else.

  2. I definitely do schedule posts. I have sort of a basic weekly schedule and then I try to plan 4 weeks out. My full time job is at a business that gets a lot of seasonal activity, so I work A TON around the holidays. I made a list over the weekend of some of the things I want to post about, and will hopefully be able to have everything done for the holidays by the end of October. We’ll see how it goes!


  3. I schedule posts as much as I can, and I am working on scheduling them further ahead than the couple of days that I have been doing. What are your tips for getting posts scheduled further in advance? I seem to only be able to get ahead a few days, or up to a week, and then they catch back up to me.


    1. Hi Elizabeth!
      I (try to, at least!) get most of the posts on here written at the weekend – Sunday’s are pretty quiet, so I try to get everything done for the week ahead then. It’s whatever works for you though – if you find yourself in a super productive blogging mood, take advantage and try to write as much as you can!
      At the very least, if you have a certain amount of time a day to blog, try to fit in one extra post, or maybe scheduling social media bits. The little bits will add up!

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