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While we’re huge fans of Picmonkey for editing photos, it’s always good to look around at alternatives in case they work better for you.

BeFunky is made up of a photo editor and a collage maker, and can be used both on the desktop in a browser, and on your mobile device.

It’s pretty useful being able to take a photo from your webcam straight into the desktop version, and it has the same sort of cosmetic touchup options that Picmonkey does.

BeFunky is a more advanced service, but the tools aren’t as intuitive to use. For example, one of the basic features that we often use in Picmonkey (the colour balancer) doesn’t seem to be available in BeFunky. This could be an issue if you depend on that function often to get the colours in your photos correct.


The collage maker doesn’t just have a way to put photos together in a grid, but also different layouts to print out, like Canva does.

The mobile app is available on both iPhone and Android, and has both a photo editor and a collage maker (if you don’t want to download Layout from Instagram, this might be useful!)

Weirdly, we found that despite signing up for a (free) account, it wasn’t possible to edit an image on your phone, then finish editing it on the desktop (or vice versa). This might be a future feature, but it seemed like something that would be obvious.

You can upgrade your account to the “Plus” option to get more options, layouts, textures and no ads for $25/year.

BeFunky is a great service, but if you’re just looking to crop and correct your images, Picmonkey is a better choice.

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