Why Does My Blogspot URL Have .in At The End?

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(Wow, that’s probably not the catchiest title we’ve ever done!)

You may have noticed sometimes that a Blogger URL might change slightly – the standard ending (ccTLD – country code top-level domain: the end part of a domain like .co.uk, .fr, .au, etc) for Blogspot is .com, but if you visit the URL from the UK, then you will probably see the address appear in your browser as blogspot.co.uk

In February 2013, Blogger started using country specific URLS’s as a way to manage blog content in specific countries. If a blog published something offensive or violating a local law, then Blogger would be able to restrict access to that blog from that country without forcing the whole blog to come down.

It is possible to force the browser to give you the .com version of the site, wheverever you are – just put /ncr/ after the ccTLD (so it would be something like http://blogname.blogspot.com/ncr/

The reason why when you post a Blogspot URL on Facebook (etc) and it comes up with a .in address (or any other ccTLD!) will be do with how Facebook brings a preview of the URL.

If you have your own domain, then you won’t notice this but if you give out the Blogspot address then this can be a little confusing!

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