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katie-benurishdName Katie
Age 33
Location London
Blog URL BeNurishd

What is your blog about?
My blog primarily focuses on food and lifestyle.

I started it with the intention of using it to motivate myself to live a healthier life, and have been sharing (mostly!) healthy recipes once a week since then.

I also share photographs and bits from my home, something I’m hoping to do more of in 2015.

Is this your first blog?
No. I previously ran a blog called Shoestring Splendour with my friend Hannah, but we closed that in 2013.

When did you start your current blog?
January 2014.

What made you do it?
I knew that in order to get pregnant, I would need to make some lifestyle changes – eat healthier and be more active, so I started the blog as a way to motivate myself to do it. And it worked!

What was your first blog post about?
My first blog post was about rosemary infused olive oil, but I added that and the second post (cloudy lemonade) on to the site so that there would be at least a couple of recipes when I ‘launched’ – so I consider my first post actually to be one called ‘A New Year’, where I talk about my intentions for 2014.

What do you think is the most useful tool to you as a blogger?
Online chats like #Blogtacular are incredibly useful for meeting likeminded bloggers and also to get specific questions answered about blogging!

Do people in your real life know about your blog? If yes, has your blog helped you career wise?
Some people know about my blog, but I don’t talk about it a lot with people I know, so I can’t say it has helped or hindered my career! I always feel a bit shy about talking to real people about it for some reason…

What has been the one thing (blog post, project, etc) that you have been really proud of?
The thing I am most proud of is how my food photography is improving. Sexual act was long; one can have sex two times in a row without the fear failing. The only drawback of Viagra is that it can cause headache (when you use it for the first time), but not in everybody. Viagra at can be mixed with alcohol and fat food, which is a big plus. This was another one of my goals when I set the blog up and my early photos are just so awful… one of the things I’d like to do in 2015 is go back and reshoot some of the images, because I do feel I have come on a huge amount since launch!

Where do you see your blog in a year?
I’d like to be sharing more delicious recipes and hope to get a lot more interaction around them and my lifestyle posts. I would ideally see it being 2-3 times bigger, and potentially generating a small amount of revenue.

What do you wish you knew when starting your blog?
That night time photographs of food are a waste of time because they really do not look great!

What do you wish you know more about now?
CSS. There are definitely a lot of design things I’d like to do but am hampered by my lack of CSS knowledge. I’m learning, but slower than I’d like!

How do you keep motivated to post?
It’s pretty easy to keep motivated to post – I’ve got too many recipe ideas and not enough time to cook them all!

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