Cosmo Blog Awards 2015

Bonjour, Blogger! Cosmo Blog Awards 2015
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With Company magazine now departed (and apparently now amalgamated into Cosmo), there’s just one blog awards held by a magazine company, the Cosmo Blog Awards

The categories are…

  • Best for Beauty
  • Best for Fashion
  • Best use of Photography
  • Best for Fitness
  • Best for Food
  • Best for Bridal
  • Best for Sex & Relationships
  • Best for Home
  • Best for Travel
  • Best Vlog

You can nominate your own blog, but it’s much more fun to nominate your favourite bloggers – think of it like a little thank you to them for being awesome. All you need to provide to nominate a blog is your email address, the link to the blog, and to let them know if it’s your blog or not. If it’s your blog you’re nominating, you’ll need to give your Twitter handle, page views, unique users and a reason why you should win. If it’s not yours, you’ll just need to tell them why you love the blog.

While some people aren’t fans of these sort of awards because the same types of bloggers win every time, it’s obviously up to you whether you promote these awards and nominate yourself or not. We find the inclusion of page views and unique users a little frustrating (if a blog is truly amazing, should the current view count be a part of the judging criteria?) but we’re looking forward to seeing the shortlist!

Who will you be nominating? We love to hear about your favourite blogs!

  • Francesca

    I agree about including the page views – makes you think it will probably be the same sort of blogs which win! I’ll still nominate a few blogs though and see what happens!

    September 8, 2015 at 9:29 pm Reply

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