Citation Flow and Trust Flow

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Every blogger has probably come across the terms domain authority and page authority before (if you can’t remember what domain authority means, make sure you read our post about it!) but we’re seeing the terms citation flow and trust flow being used more by agencies looking for the right blogs to work with

While domain authority was created by to measure websites, Flow Metrics were created by for the same reason. Flow Metrics is a measurement that runs from 0 to 100, and the higher the number, the more important the website is judged to be. 

Citation Flow is a value used to predict how influential a website is based on how many sites link into it, while Trust Flow predicts how trustworthy the site is based on how it links to other trustworthy sites. 

The more interesting figure here is the ratio between citation flow and trust flow – if your site has a higher amount of trust flow to citation flow, this is more beneficial, if the ratio is less than 1 (so the citation flow is higher than the trust flow) then this implies that the website is only linking to lower quality websites.

To find out your citation flow and trust flow, head to the Majestic website to find out more.

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