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So Passionfruit Ads made some pretty big changes to how their ads are served this summer which caused a little outcry with some bloggers who preferred the old way of paying a percentage on the ads that you received payment for instead of paying a flat fee (so if you only had free ads, you didn’t pay anything)
Other bloggers were unsure that a flat fee would be very beneficial to them as they didn’t have very many ads on their site.

Passionfruit Ads has listened to those comments and have brought in a new level of membership – the new Sweetheart level costs just $3 (£1.80) per month and gives you one paid ad and unlimited swap (free) ads on one website. If you’re just starting to look at selling ads on your site, this is a great way to test things out and see if Passionfruit Ads would work for you without too much of a monetary investment.

However, if you do want to make more of a commitment, Passionfruit Ads has a great holiday sale that you might want to take advantage of – $19 (£11.60) will give you a year of the Sweetheart package, whilst $59 (£36.00) for a year of Lover status (where you can sell as many ads as you like across all of your sites)

What do you think of their new features? Does it make you feel like trying out having ads on your blog?

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