An Unexpected Way To Boost Your Instagram Reach

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It doesn’t sound like it should make sense really.

By losing followers, you could help to improve your statistics about how many people see your posts and in theory leave comments and like the post. But that’s just what we’ve found recently, and a few other people who have tested this theory out have found it as well.

Cleaning up who is following you on Instagram can be really beneficial, as it makes the ratio of interaction to people following you reduce down which then makes your statistics look much better and when this ratio improves, your posts will be seen by more of your followers.

Many of these cleaning apps will allow you to select followers who are ghost followers (which most apps define as an account that never intact with you – these are the ones that you’re looking to purge), inactive followers (people who haven’t posted in a certain amount of time) and users without a profile photo (which in theory makes them more likely to be bots – however as we discussed in a previous post, bot accounts can end up using the same images on their accounts and profiles to trick these apps)

Cleaner is an app that allows you to perform 50 actions (blocking, etc) for free, before you need to upgrade to Pro  (£2.99) and if necessary, you can then upgrade further to the Cloud Upgrade (£4.99). The nice thing about Cleaner is that instead of just blocking the inactive/ghost followers so they can’t follow you again, you can do what is also referred to as a “soft block” – where you block then unblock someone to remove them from following you, but that they can still follow you again in the future.

Another good alternative is Mass Unfollow – again, you have to pay to get more features (£1.99), but you could also earn coins by watching ads to pay for further unfollowing credits – perfect if you just want to clear out one account and start afresh.

We’d love to hear from you if you’ve purged your ghost followers – has it improved your statistics? Have you found more followers are actually seeing your posts?

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