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Bonjour, Blogger! Plan Your Week - Free Download
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Because we love to help you create the best blog ever, and because January is a month of planning while not having much spare cash, we’ve put together a free blog post planner worksheet for you to print out each week!

On the top half of the page, you can plan out your posts for the week – we’ve included a section to write the title/idea, a section to make a note of a hashtag that you want to focus on for the day (perhaps it’s a hashtag chat that you want to make sure you join, or maybe a hashtag like #tbt (throwback Thursday) that you want to post something) and a section to tick off when you’ve posted to various social media networks about the new blog post (or perhaps you want to remind followers about old posts?)

On the bottom half you have some space to make notes about what you want to achieve this week (either a to do list or maybe goals that you want to reach), a section for ideas and at the bottom a section about content that you’ve promised – perhaps for sponsored posts, etc.

You can download the PDF here – we hope this printout will help you get organised and make 2017 your best year for blogging!

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