Blognix 2014

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Writing about blogging is all very well, but sometimes it’s nice to get out of the house and talk about it with people who have the same interest as you but without being forced into a specific niche (that’s why we started up the #blogclub events…it’s not just an excuse to eat a lot of cake…well, maybe it is!).


Elizabeth from Rosalilium (one of our favourite blogs, which you probably already know if you read the Saturday Summary series) felt the same way, and last year, organised the first Blognix event in Birmingham. Since then, she’s organised Google Hangouts with some epic bloggers (if you missed them, you can view them on the Blognix YouTube channel)

I’m very excited to say that I’ll be speaking about ethics and disclosure in blogging, a hot topic right now with the ASA getting involved in how gifted items are disclosed. It’s a topic I feel quite strongly about (I’m sure a few of the #blogclub attendees will testify that I do get a bit ranty sometimes on that topic, heh!)

Some of the other amazing speakers who will be there include Kim LawlerEmma CosseyLucy Heath, Sam and Lea from The High Tea Cast, Hayley from London Beauty Queen, Rosie from One Man Band Accounting and Cathy from The Big Book Project – I’m really excited (and incredibly nervous!) to meet everyone :)

Blognix will be held at the Custard Factory, Birmingham on Saturday, 14th June, and tickets are now available via Eventbrite for £50♦ (plus booking fees) – a pretty reasonable price compared to many of the blogging conferences out there.

I hope you guys will be able to come, if you need any more reasons to come along, then check out this post on the Blognix blog! (I’m especially looking forward to the Blognix bake off…!)

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