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Google Analytics can turn into a bit of an obsession – are people reading? What do they like? Who are they? If you need to see those all important numbers at any time, then the Google Analytics app is for you!

The Google Analytics app gives you a real time view of what’s going on over on your blog which can be quite interesting.

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The real time goes into some detail, like where the viewers have come from, and what they’re looking at – useful if a post is suddenly popular and you want to know why.




A quick breakdown of where your readers are reading your blog from is also interesting – on the desktop version of Google Analytics, you would have this as a map, but a list is a useful way of looking at things as well.



Another brief overview of where people have come from, but this time where they have found a link to your site. google-analytics-app-5


The page views grid is a really nice way to see at what time of day people read your site – the darker colours mean more visits in that hour. This is actually a better way of viewing the time of day that people visit than the desktop version!

The Google Analytics app isn’t perfect – you can’t look up things like your demographics but it gives you a good idea of what’s happening right now. You can download the iOS app here and the Android version here.

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