How To Hold A Link Up

Bonjour, Blogger! How To Hold A Link Up
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Link ups are a great way to not just have a reoccuring feature on your blog, but it encourages virtual networking, and introduces you to new bloggers. Honestly, why wouldn’t you want to be a part of one.

Hosting a link up on your blog isn’t as hard as it seems. In the most basic form, all you need for a link up are two things – an amazing topic, and a widget so people can leave their links.

To find a decent link up tool, check out this post. If possible, include the code to embed the widget in your post (or email it to the people who take part) so everyone has the same blogs linked up. (This will also save you time from leaving your blog post link everywhere!)

Your topic can be on anything – but try to choose something that can be built on easily each week. It’s all very well doing a link up for your favourite household item that you bought that week, but it isn’t very sustainable (and you’d end up with a house full of stuff). Try something like a book review, or a Wordless Wednesday photo pot, or an outfit post (which you could then theme on a specific colour each week, or maybe get people to style up an old dress in their wardrobe)

Having a topic that is interesting and easy for others to take part in is really important because you want to encourage and make it simple for others to be inspired. You could also create a hashtag for your topic, so then when others tweet about their posts, they can all be collected together.

What link ups do you run, or take part in?

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